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have your employees' well-being at heart.

This protection is included in Humania Assurance’s Long-Term Disability benefit.


why the compassionate care leave?

Long-Term Disability insurance is now a critical component of group insurance plans. This coverage protects your employees’ financial security in the event of disability. But what protection do you offer an employee who is absent in order to care for a loved one who is critically ill or injured?

An employee whose spouse or child is suffering from serious injury, illness, loss of autonomy or a terminal illness, is under devastating emotional, mental and financial stress, and is more likely to burn out and become disabled.

As the employer, you suffer the repercussions. Traditional group insurance plans do not provide concrete solutions for this type of situation.

Humania Assurance innovates by offering the Compassionate Care Leave as part of the Long-Term Disability benefit for which it is well known.

51% of caregivers providing care to their child show several signs of psychological distress.

what is the compassionate care leave?

  • The possibility of taking a leave of absence to care for a loved one;
  • A monthly payment of up to 12 months for a leave of absence due to the serious medical condition of a spouse or child requiring significant special care;
  • A benefit that offers the same coverage amounts after the same waiting period as the Long-Term Disability benefit;
  • A protection that complements the different federal government programs.


A cancer diagnosis with a life expectancy of less than 12 months

Compassionate Care Leave accepted*
A diagnosis of permanent loss of autonomy

Compassionate Care Leave accepted*
Allergies, irrespective of their severity

Compassionate Care Leave denied*
* Refer to eligibility requirements.

As the employer, this coverage:

brings clear benefits to your business

  • Attracting and retaining employees;
  • Distinguishing you from your competitors;
  • Creating a stronger employer brand;
  • Preventing an employee’s disability.

facilitates your financial management

The Compassionate Care Leave reduces the direct and indirect costs of absenteeism and burnout:

  • Fewer instances of long-term burnout;
  • Fewer random and unplanned absences;
  • Less collateral impact on colleagues;
  • Less loss of productivity;
  • Fewer health claims from a natural caregiver;
  • Better Human Resources policies within your company;
  • Better management of work schedules;
  • Better customer service.
An active employee caring for a loved one suffering from cancer experiences a 22.9% decline in productivity*.
36% of young caregivers indicate that they arrive late for work, have to leave early or take time off because of their caregiving responsibilities*.
* Source : Statistics Canada
Pierre’s spouse is in palliative care after a long battle with cancer. It would have been extremely difficult for him to balance his emotions and his professional responsibilities. The Compassionate Care Leave allows Pierre to take a temporary leave of absence to tend to his wife while still taking care of their child. This financial assistance helped him to avoid a disability which would have been much more detrimental to him as well as to his employer.

Allow your employees to be absent from work at the right time so that they can return to work more quickly.

Because you have your employees’ well-being at heart.

For more information, or to get a quote, talk to your group insurance plan advisor.

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